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On Film by Stephen Mulhall
Graham Barnfield

The Arts in the West since 1945 by Arthur Marwick
Munira Mirza

Atomised by Michel Houellebecq
Munira Mirza

The Identity of England by Robert Colls
Munira Mirza


The Daughter-in-Law at the Young Vic, London
Stuart Simpson

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui at The Bridewell Theatre, London
Lawrence Hopper

Calculus at the Royal Institution, London
Joe Kaplinsky

Journey's End at Pentamer's Theatre, London
Shirley Dent

Shelf Life at Hens and Chickens, London
Shirley Dent


New genetics and society John Burn at Imperial College, London
Siobhan Jones


The Museum of Sex (MoSex) in New York
Mlle Bouche

The Queen of Sheba at the British Museum, London
Josie Appleton

Here is New York at the Guardian Newsroom, London
Shirley Dent

Trading Places at the British Library, London
Stuart Simpson

Howard Hodgkins, Large Paintings 1984 - 2002 at the Dean Gallery, Edinburgh
Munira Mirza