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100 at Soho Theatre, London
Adriano Shaplin

The Blue Room at the Richmond Theatre, London
Mark Tyson

First Bites Directors' Season at the Oval House Theatre, London

Dawn Walton
Mark Tyson

David Tse
Mark Tyson

Stuart Murdoch
Stephen Nash

Rob Curry
Stephen Nash

The Nunnery at the Hen and Chickens, London
Natasha Hulugalle

The Bubble at the Royal Opera House, London
Graham Lee

Fulham Jesus at the Barons Court Theatre, London
Stuart Simpson

Immortal at the Etcetera Theatre, London
Luke Robins-Grace

A Grain of Sand in Lambeth at the Landor Theatre, London (Now at Wimbledon Studio Theatre)
Shirley Dent

FairLy Tales at the Canal Café Theatre, London
Munira Mirza

Mnemonic at Riverside Studios, London
Adriano Shaplin

Two Chairs at the Oval House Theatre, London
Shirley Dent

Down the Road at the Tabard Theatre, London
Mark Tyson

Victory at the Dirt Palace at Riverside Studios, London
Munira Mirza

Honey, Baby Project on a train in the London area
Shirley Dent

Wanted Dead or Alive at the Etcetera Theatre, London
Alan Fentiman




The Dancer Upstairs by John Malkovich
Ed Richardson

Blue Vinyl by Judith Helfand and Daniel B Gold
Bill Durodié



The End of Freedom Orange Index Debate, London
Mark Tyson

Institute of Ideas Schools' Debating Competition at the British Library, London
Tom Ogg

Sample debate 1: It is dangerous to trust scientific experts
Kate Brown and Karen Yossman

Sample debate 2: Alternative medicine is a con
Daniel Marshman and Lucie Potter

Has Hollywood Stolen Our History? at the History and the Media Conference, London
James Gledhill

Why is so much TV History about War? at the History and the Media Conference, London
Ed Richardson



Sulayman Al-Bassam playwright and director, The Al-Hamlet Summit
Shirley Dent



Multiculturalism in Anthropology
Emilie Bickerton

The Double Death of Islamic Fundamentalism
Philip Cunliffe



Idolatry in London: Aztecs at the Royal Academy, London
and Jake and Dinos Chapman at the White Cube Gallery, London
Aidan Campbell