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Dirty Sanchez

Carlton Brick

Dirty Sanchez, MTV 's new Jackass(ish) show, but with Welsh trailer trash rather than art school drop out Yanks, has been taking a bit of a kicking by some media expert types, such as Digital Spy.

Claims are being made that Dirty Sanchez is just a poor man's Jackass and no better than Bravo's Famous For Twatting About (or whatever it's called) which features a bunch of Scottish Highland hicks twatting about. Big point being missed. Indeed Dirty Sanchez is a poor mans Jackass - that is the point. Don't get me wrong - I like Jackass, but Dirty Sanchez stands out on its own. Nothing touches it.

Jackass, brilliant though it is, is nothing more than American white collar kids with cash, fucking about, because they can. Dirty Sanchez on the other hand, has a pure white trash aesthetic (or should that be assthetic). Dirty Sanchez's levels of self mutilation, mental degeneracy and general yuk factor far surpass those of Jackass and any other similar shows.

Dirty Sanchez is frightening, not simply beacuase of the genuine moments when you want to turn over (out of pure grossness rather than boredom) but because you know these guys aren't doing this because they are just bored, they do it because there is fuck all else to do. The Dirty Sanchez sensibility is in its essence life in post-industrial Wales. Dirty Sanchez is the embodiment of small town, no aspiration, fuck it Welsh life, where eating pube pizzas, nailing your bollocks to a plank of wood, and having your bare arse sanded until it bleeds, is a night out, not a TV show.

Link: Carlton Brick's weblog

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