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Milwaukee, Minnesota
Allan Mindel
London Film Festival

Graham Barnfield

After almost 20 years of production and talent agency work Allan Mindel finally turns his hand to directing. Milwaukee, Minnesota has the makings of a low key comedy thriller, with excellent turns from Bruce Dern and Randy Quaid. It is also organised around an increasingly common cinematic archetype.

No, not the hit-man having a mid-life crisis, but the idiot savant, a man-boy whose euphemistically described disabilities conceal hidden depths. In this case these hackneyed duties fall to Albert (Troy Garity), who combines clinging onto menial work with winning ice fishing championships.

Unfortunately, neither the fascinatingly seedy performances of the two most experienced cast members nor Bernd Heinl's evocative cinematography can lift this above an average and predictable curate's egg of a movie.

Showing Oct 29 - 18:30 Odeon West End, Screen 1 Oct 30 - 13:00 Odeon West End, Screen 2.


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