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Friday 5 December 2003

You’re so vain, you probably think this book is about you

Therapy Culture and the Therapistas

Frank Furedi’s Therapy Culture is neither an attack on the counselling profession nor on what they dismiss as ‘self-help’ culture, but a critique of our diminished view of humanity.

Tuesday 25 March 2003

Why is life so unfair?

Evil in Modern Thought: An Alternative History of Philosophy, by Susan Neiman

Some thinkers have always had ethical doubts about the pursuit of knowledge. Today these often take the form of concern about the consequences of technology, for example cloning. But Neiman pares things down to a single, more profound fear. If we understand the world and all its faults, are we then stuck with it? By explaining evil, do we justify it?

Saturday 1 March 2003

Judaism and Enlightenment

Adam Sutcliffe

Adam Sutcliffe’s basic argument, that Enlightenment thinkers had a confused attitude to Judaism, is made abundantly (and repeatedly) clear over the course of this scholarly and highly readable book.

Therapy Culture: Cultivating Vulnerability in an Uncertain Age

Frank Furedi

Sociologist Frank Furedi’s book exposes the often-bizarre thinking behind the growing practice of counselling.

Experiment: Conversations in art and science

Edited by Bergit Arends and Davina Thackara

There has always been a relationship between art and science, but recently it has become fashionable to try combining the two in a single project. The Wellcome Trust has now published a volume reporting on several such collaborations carried out in the last few years.

Sunday 1 December 2002

Interview: Simon Critchley

Philosopher and author of On Humour

Although I sympathise with your celebration of humanity’s ability to overcome the worst, through laughter, this wormhole of escapism, I am deeply suspicious of any theory that concludes ‘our wretchedness is our greatness’. Can you really defend this statement?

Friday 1 November 2002

The Identity of England

Robert Colls

Since the 1980s, the word ‘identity’ has come to feature in the titles of an increasing number of academic history books. With its radical connotations of subjectivising history, the word ‘identity’ is very much associated with the vocabulary of the postmodern historian.

Friday 1 February 2002

Culture at the Crossroads

Charles Landry and Marc Pachter

Following the so-called ‘culture wars’ and the rise of postmodernism, postcolonialism, poststructuralism and various other ‘isms’, it is little wonder that the cultural institutions of Western society are going through something of an identity crisis.

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