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Friday 25 November 2005

‘The Rise of China Spells the Decline of the West’

Intelligence Squared Debate, London, 1 November 2005

China may be able to export its way to prosperity, but whether it will forge the political movements and ideas of the future is still an open question, and one worth considering in debates such as these.

Friday 10 June 2005

Etienne Balibar on Constructions and Deconstructions of the Universal

Birkbeck Derrida Lecture Series

Balibar’s proposition is that rather than focusing on the dialectic of the universal and the particular, we should focus on how universalism is produced through its internal contradictions.

Monday 6 June 2005

Slavoj Žižek: Respect for otherness? No thanks

Birkbeck Derrida Lecture Series Birrkbeck College, 20 May 2005

In seeking to unite politics with ethics, Žižek usefully exposes the political choices and consequences behind actions such as humanitarian intervention, and others which involve moral grandstanding without any idea of how this translates into a real intervention in the world.

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