Diana Damian

May 2012

Erotic tandems

By excavating the sexual, the uncanny and the confrontational in the fairytale through a visually spectacular and dense aesthetic, Preljocaj creates a landscape of noir romanticism, albeit one that is humorously self-conscious, toying with the dense, excessive romanticism of Mahler’s symphonies that accompany the piece.

December 2011


Howl’s doesn’t quite articulate the totality of its mediums - the acting travels from panto to parody, and this humour doesn’t find its place in the production. Guillermots’s own Fyfe Dangerfield’s score and Stephen Fry’s narrative input do help to lift the energy and convey some of the novel’s charm and dramatic richness, yet they’re not fully integrated in the show.

November 2011

A clatter of bones amasses and crumbles

Creatures shift, transform and explore in front of us, they contort, jump from one environment to the other, lonely in their otherness. It’s a set of dangerous and decrepit characters in search of a story.

October 2011

Conflicting responsibilities

At its strongest, Two in Your House gives a potent flavour of the ideological and personal boundaries inherent in the home as a site of struggle. It is packed with wit and charm, serving as an incomplete portrait of a significant recent event whose cultural and political life is short-lived despite its implications.


Culture Wars was included in creativetourists’ Top 25 UK Arts & Culture Blogs 2009.