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February 2013

CW editorial note - 13 February 2013

London exhibitions: Manet at the RA and Light Show at the Hayward

January 2013

CW editorial note - 28 January 2013

Pankaj Mishra, Jonathan Meades, Simon Gough and the importance of debating

October 2012

CW editorial note - 17 October 2012

The Battle of Ideas and London theatre

September 2012

CW editorial note - 22 September 2012

London theatre, JK Rowling and seaside noir

August 2012

CW editorial note - 13 August 2012

London Olympics and Edinburgh Fringe

July 2012

CW editorial note - 7 July 2012

Tomb treasures of Han China, the Dixon Clark Court Symphony, LIFT 2012 and Hamlet as literature

June 2012

CW editorial note - 6 June 2012

New adaptations in London theatre and opera

May 2012

CW editorial note - 19 May 2012

The IoI’s Social Policy Forum launches Society Wars, A History of the World since 9/11, and Three Kingdoms in London theatre.

CW editorial note - 8 May 2012

Controversy at the London Book Fair, and Globe to Globe

April 2012

CW editorial note - 21 April 2012

London theatre, ‘difficult’ and exciting, and the Royal Ballet’s take on pop culture

CW editorial note - 9 April 2012

The case for libraries, reimagining China, and London theatre

March 2012

CW editorial note 23 March 2012

London theatre for spring

CW editorial note - 12 March 2012

Song Dong at the Barbican, Rusalka at the Royal Opera and London theatre

February 2012

CW editorial note - 24 February 2012

Lucian Freud portraits, plus revenge tragedy and restoration comedy and more on the London stage

CW editorial note - 17 February 2012

David Hockney’s landscapes, oil sponsorship of the arts, and London theatre

CW editorial note - 10 February 2012

The Bible Now, and London theatre and opera

CW editorial note - 4 February 2012

How to direct a play, London theatre and Terence Conran

January 2012

CW editorial note - 27 January 2012

Thatcher on stage, London International Mime Festival and war photography by Don McCullin

CW editorial note - 14 January 2012

London theatre, multiculturalism and the symphony

CW editorial note - 5 January 2012

Royal Manuscripts and postwar British painters

December 2011

CW editorial note - 16 December 2011

Baudrillard, cognitive technology and London theatre

CW editorial note - 9 December 2011

David Owen Norris on Winterreise with puppets, plus Shiraz Bayjoo at the Whitechapel Gallery and AD Miller’s Snowdrops

CW editorial note - 2 December 2011

The Riots, Matilda: The Musical, The Comedy of Errors and Wuthering Heights

November 2011

CW editorial note - 25 November 2011

Leonardo at the National Gallery, Nonclassical, Panic on a Plate, Honey Money and London theatre.

CW editorial note - 11 November 2011

Anish Kapoor’s Arcelormittal Orbit, contemporary music and theatre in London, and the Greek referendum debacle.

CW editorial note - 3 November 2011

Sherry Turkle and antisocial networks, Contagion, and the ENO’s The Marriage of Figaro

October 2011

CW editorial note - 21 October 2011

State-funded orchestras, Raymond Carver, Deon Meyer and the creative process, plus London theatre

CW editorial note - 14 October 2011

London theatre and talks, Boulez on the South Bank and Purcell’s Fairy Queen on tour.

September 2011

CW editorial note - 30 September 2011

Mieczyslaw Weinberg’s The Passenger at ENO, John Cage on the South Bank and Degas at the Royal Academy

CW editorial note - 23 September 2011

Interviews with artists Christian Jankowski and Richard T Scott, plus London theatre reviews

CW editorial note - 16 September 2011

The end of Europe, the end of the West, exoplanets and London theatre

CW editorial note - 10 September 2011

The Faith Machine, Wittenberg, Truth and Reconcilation, The Tempest and the ‘Man Cave’ phenomenon

CW editorial note - 1 September 2011

Matt Trueman at the Edinburgh Fringe, Hollywood Glamour and Ray Tallis’ Aping Mankind

August 2011

CW editorial note - 19 August 2011

Edinburgh Fringe, opera, bohemians, phone-hacking, smoking and bad arguments

CW editorial note - 4 August 2011

The Big Society, The Simpson versus Shakespeare and London theatre

July 2011

CW editorial note - 15 July 2011

The crisis in journalism explained, the Vorticists, In Search of a Masterpiece and London theatre

CW editorial note - 8 July 2011

Documentary photography in Northern Ireland, London street photography, Japanese homes and Emperor and Galilean

CW editorial note - 2 July 2011

Nonclassical, opera old and new, Maverick Blade, plus tagging, human nature and London theatre

June 2011

CW editorial note - 24 June 2011

NCH, free schools, overseas aid, plus theatre and opera

CW editorial note - 17 June 2011

New College of Humanities, Gabriel Josipovici and Modernism, plus film and theatre

CW editorial note - 10 June 2011

Show Time, Pulse, Wesker and Naipaul

May 2011

CW editorial note - 27 May 2011

London theatre and opera, economists and the financial crisis

CW editorial note - 20 May 2011

Art and active citizenship, German theatre and Dirt at the Wellcome Collection

CW editorial note - 9 May 2011

Operatic evil, London theatre, education reform and muscular liberalism

CW editorial note - 2 May 2011

Humanist morality against Sam Harris, the SPILL festival and more London theatre

April 2011

CW editorial note - 15 April 2011

The Big Society, the Aesthetic Movement and London theatre

CW editorial note - 1 April 2011

Birmingham Opera Company, Count Arthur Strong, and Western intervention

March 2011

CW editorial note - 22 March 2011

Mumbai Fables, Delusions of Gender and Afghanistan at the British Museum

CW editorial note - 12 March 2011

Mogadishu, Fen, Maggie O’Farrell and the English language

CW editorial note - 5 March 2011

The threat from Iran, the return of The Red Shoes, Wagner, Mahler and redemption

February 2011

CW editorial note - 26 February 2011

Kwame Anthony Appiah and moral progress, Philipp Meyer and Toby Litt reviewed

CW editorial note - 18 February 2011

Alan Ayckbourn, Richard Bean and the American Ballet Theatre

CW editorial note - 4 February 2011

Modern British Sculpture, everyday objects in art, Greenland and Slaughterhouse 5

January 2011

Editorial note - 31 January 2011

Extra-terrestrial life, vertical suburbs and The Battle for Barking

CW editorial note - 24 January 2011

London International Mime Festival, and theatre and protest

CW editorial note - 14 January 2011

Abbas Kiarostami, Chuck Palahniuk, Peter Handke

CW editorial note - 4 January 2011

The Return of the Public, the ethics of meat-eating, and advertainment.

December 2010

CW editorial note - 23 December 2010

Critical subjects, legal aid and Get Santa

CW editorial note - 11 December 2010

Black Watch, The Animals and Children Took to the Streets, Beauty and the Beast and Cart Macabre

CW editorial note - 2 December 2010

The rise of the East, Roberto Bolaño, Mathias Énard, and Kin at the Royal Court

November 2010

CW editorial note - 27 November 2010

A Dog’s Heart, Joseph K, The Glass Menagerie and FAR

CW editorial note - 21 November 2010

Civilisation, Christianity, celebrity and seduction

CW editorial note - 11 November 2010

Song of the Goat’s Macbeth, Complicite, innovation and Indian crime fiction

CW editorial note - 4 November 2010

The Slap, by Christos Tsiolkas, Nemesis, by Philip Roth, Noel Coward, Sarah Kane and the X Factor

October 2010

CW editorial note - 28 October 2010

Natascha Kampusch’s 3,096 Days, biography and fiction, and Treasures from Budapest

CW editorial note - 21 October 2010

Frieze, Walid Raad and London theatre

CW editorial note - 14 October 2010

The Serbian art scene, Hamlet and Battles in Print

CW editorial note - 8 October 2010

Battles in Print, character education, On Ageing in London and Beckett in Bristol

September 2010

CW editorial note - 30 September 2010

Just Another Ape, the role of the arts and social science, London opera and The Big Fellah

CW editorial note - 24 September 2010

Battle of Ideas, Aliens and other London theatre

CW editorial note - 18 September 2010

Ian Buruma’s Taming the Gods, libraries, beauty and London theatre

CW editorial note - 11 September 2010

Andy Warhol, The Doors and How to be an Other Woman

CW editorial note - 3 September 2010

Ontroerend Goed, Miguel Syjuco and urban farming

August 2010

CW editorial note - 26 August 2010

Big Society, and more Edinburgh Fringe

CW editorial note - 16 August 2010

Edinburgh festivals, Brutalism and Cognitive Surplus

July 2010

CW editorial note - 29 July 2010

Ferraris for All and The Case for Working with Your Hands

CW editorial note - 19 July 2010

Ernest Hemingway, the Taureg people, arts funding and the World Cup final

CW editorial note - 8 July 2010

LIFT in London and World Cup in South Africa

CW editorial note - 1 July 2010

The World Cup, South African theatre, LIFT

June 2010

CW editorial note - 24 June 2010

Exposed, the tyranny of guilt and the French football farce.

CW editorial note - 18 June 2010

Environmentalism, Puccini and Joe Meno

CW editorial note - 11 June 2010

The World Cup and South Africa, Limehouse Nights and the perfectly trashy.

May 2010

CW editorial note - 27 May 2010

Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, Martin Amis’ Money and Perry Anderson’s New Old World

CW editorial note - 20 May 2010

The new politics, aspiration, South African film

CW editorial note - 13 May 2010

Cameron and conservatism, Harry Brown, The Ghost Writer, science and democracy and the British directors’ school.

CW editorial note - 6 May 2010

Juries, social policy, arts funding and immigration

April 2010

CW editorial note - 29 April 2010

Better and better, evidence-based policy, the BNP, Pressure Drop and Posh

CW editorial note - 23 April 2010

Youth engagement, libel reform, the BNP, new economic thinking, Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti’s Behud and much more theatre.

CW editorial note - 15 April 2010

The Big Society, education and the election, a therapeutic Odyssey and trash culture

CW editorial note - 8 April 2010

CW’s UK election 2010 blog, theatrical ageing, plus fiction and film

March 2010

CW editorial note - 1 April 2010

Macbeth, Irving Penn, Anne Rice and the soul of the Royal Mail

CW editorial note - 25 March 2010

Frank Furedi’s Wasted, Martin Amis’ The Pregnant Widow, and Janacek in London

CW editorial note - 18 March 2010

Pledges for Progress, reviews of David Willetts and Slavoj Žižek, Alice in Wonderland, and the London Word Festival

CW editorial note - 11 March 2010

Richard Hoggart’s The Uses of Literacy, Chinua Achebe, and Muslim Cinema

CW editorial note - 4 March 2010

High-rise London, cynicism about heroes, and London theatre

February 2010

CW editorial note - 25 February 2010

Deliberative democracy, My Name is Khan, and political performance

CW editorial note - 18 February 2010

Women and equality, Natasha Walter and public schools

CW editorial note - 11 February 2010

UK general election, POWER2010 and socially conscious films

CW editorial note - 4 February 2010

HBO’s latest, world in wonder, detectives and spies

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