Javed Mohammed

Javed Mohammed is a San Francisco bay area based writer-producer. He is the author of four books and founder of the MyFavoriteReview.com site, which reviews films and books. Although he started writing non-fiction, his interests and passion have led him to writing fiction and adapting for screenplay.

March 2010

Muslim Cinema: an introduction

An introduction to Muslim Cinema allows Muslims to take a critical reflection about their own beliefs and culture, as well as providing a window for those who are of other faiths to see who Muslims are. Where does one start?

February 2010

Film and social change

Films use allegory through symbolic representation to convey a meaning other than the literal. In Charlie Chaplin films, the literal is the story of a tramp and the comedy arising from everyday events. The allegorical is the reflection on the times from the effects of automation to the class difference between rich and poor in films like Modern Times

November 2008

How Bollywood portrays ‘the other’

Although Hindi films have been known to be merely melodramatic, the portrayal of Indian Sikhs and Hindus as protagonists and Pakistani Muslims as antagonists is a theme that is reinforced throughout most but not all of the films dealing with the subject.

Culture Wars was included in creativetourists’ Top 25 UK Arts & Culture Blogs 2009.