Manick Govinda: head of Artists' Advisory Services and Artists' Producer at Artsadmin.

Manick Govinda is Head of Artists’ Advisory Services and Artists’ Producer at Artsadmin working with artists Zarina Bhimji and Zineb Sedira.  He is also a freelance writer, and is co-curating artworks commissioned for Town Hall Hotel and Apartments in East London by up-and-coming local artists. He is an active member of the civil liberties campaign group the Manifesto Club, leading the campaign against the UK Home Office’s restrictions on invited non-EU artists and academics.

December 2011

At home with East End protest

Tower Hamlets didn’t suffer so badly from the riots compared to other areas of London, probably because of this tight-knit community of which Bayjoo’s young men are part.

Culture Wars was included in creativetourists’ Top 25 UK Arts & Culture Blogs 2009.