Martin Earnshaw

September 2010

Not worth knowing?

Canon learning and ‘obscure’ research are necessary to mark out the boundaries of a subject, and subjects must have autonomy if they are to maintain a critical distance from political fads.

May 2010

IoI Social Policy Forum: Election Statement

The task of reforming the welfare state should not be treated as an accounting exercise, but an opportunity to reassess what the state is for. For instance, ‘welfare’ in its narrowest sense is widely understood to be failing. While we need a benefits system that helps people to live their lives as independently as possible, we don’t one that imposes conditions on people claiming benefits, blames them for their predicament and society’s problems, or fails to provide them with the jobs they need.

April 2009

Bad capitalism; paltry anti-capitalism

The government has not simply run out of ideas; the very New Labour project was a hollow shell devoid of any view of society or a connection to any social base.

April 2008

Guilding the craft

Sennett argues that part of our uncertainty over technology comes from our estrangement from material culture. We tend to see material things as obscure ‘because most of us use things like computers and automobiles that we did not make and do not understand’. But to overcome our fear of technology, we must reinvent our relationship with it rather than retreat altogether.

Culture Wars was included in creativetourists’ Top 25 UK Arts & Culture Blogs 2009.