Rachel Lois Clapham

Rachel Lois Clapham is a curator, writer and co-director of Open Dialogues; a UK based collaboration that produces critical writing from time based, participatory and live art. She works across gallery education and exhibitions, most recently producing Nahnou Together Now, an exhibition of socially engaged work at Tate Britain.


May 2009

The art of democracy

The conference was a fringe event of Tate Britain’s Tate Triennial, and asked questions such as: can contemporary art provoke democratic participation? How can contemporary art reclaim the public realm through play?

October 2008

In•dex•a•ble difference

Combined, the work of the featured artists highlights the sheer malleability and breadth of live art in all its guises and highlights the diversity of styles, content and concerns within culturally specific or diverse practice.

December 2007

A Chinese Frequency

China. Chinese. Chinese Live Art. Chinese Artists. Where to begin when critiquing the work at Vital, the Manchester based International Chinese Live Art Festival? There are many pitfalls to avoid amid the current art-world lust for everything Chinese; problems of economy, of identity – for me as well as for the artists and the ‘Chinese’ work they may or may not produce. There is also the gap between China and everywhere else that is religion, language and art.

There is a Failing Man

‘There is a Failing Man’ is a digital print on aluminium made by artist Micheál O’Connell specifically to sell to an anonymous collector. The image itself is taken from a computer simulated animation of an upside-down picture of New York’s Twin Towers in mid-collapse. The print is the second in a once-yearly series in which O’Connell moves the same animated image forward by just one frame then, on the 11 September, produces an abstract print that is 1m x 2m.

Culture Wars was included in creativetourists’ Top 25 UK Arts & Culture Blogs 2009.