Sarah Strang

Sarah Strang is an artist.

September 2011

‘Jesus Christ was the first celebrity’

‘It is like the TV show, The X Factor, it is the same casting format. It is not true communication. You are part of the jury when you are judging Jesus. The art provokes the viewer to reflect upon their inner view of the image of Jesus from the historical perspective of art history or visits to churches and to be aware of the multiple narratives at work.’

July 2011

Alight, Attack

Mechanical shapes of peachy human flesh extend from the canvas appearing like counterparts of a weapon emerging from the depths of a white void. The slow agony of trench warfare soldiers and a creeping sense of death provides a cutting contrast to scenes reminiscent of the powerful resurrection of Christ in painting and drawings titled ‘Returning to the Trenches’ by Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson.

May 2011


My lines, my drawings, my sweethearts, wispy-haired and still blue
From an unfortunate birth that was quite dangerous
I am still here watching you

Joyful filth

A startling illustration, a stipple engraving, of a cholera victim, created in 1831 and owned by the Wellcome Library, presents the monstrous presence of the disease. The diptych presents the transformation a neatly coiffed, nubile twenty three year old Venetian woman, into a gnarled, green-lipped hag.

February 2011

Provisional relationships

Nogueira and Orozco exhibit a wry curiosity towards the everyday matter explored in their expansive respective solo shows. Within each series of installations lies a powerful interplay of physical energies that pervades, invades and collides, disconcerting and subverting our relationship to everyday matter.

Culture Wars was included in creativetourists’ Top 25 UK Arts & Culture Blogs 2009.