Tessa Mayes

Tessa Mayes is a London-based journalist, author and filmmaker. e: info@tessamayes.co.uk

February 2013

Light entertainment

An exhibition of light based art since the 1960s is all about light, kids (no cameras) and action!

October 2010

Art takes over the world (untitled)

At the north end of the art fair there were several posters promoting the Save The Arts campaign in response to the proposed cuts in government arts funding. This was the political wing of the fair. Nearby were the works displayed by The Regina gallery in Moscow and London. These included a painting about gangsters showing a guy lying down with an erect penis with a head saying ‘Russia’ and wearing a cap saying ‘capitalism.’ I found it boring and obvious.

August 2009

Musical youth

The violins played low volume, scratching noises. Imaginary mice were scurrying all over the place, picking up food, building their nests and bumping in to each other. The pipes went up a minor scale and then musically ran off. Silence. But not quite. The harpists plucked at base notes. The imaginary world of nature looked peaceful but lurking beneath was life. Huge applause.

December 2007

Is there a new global working class?

The answer to the title of a debate at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) ‘Is there a new global working class’ is ‘yes.’ So you can stop reading now!

October 2007

Glenn Branca at the Frieze Art Fair

I didn’t know what to expect. It just sounded an original thing to listen and watch. Were they going to make 100 electric guitars sound like a full orchestra? Would they reveal the full spectrum of guitar sounds? What musical story would be invoked?

Visual ArtsMusic
November 2006

Vote for the funnyman?

We may live in a society which lacks political ideas, but that doesn’t mean ‘narratives’ from comedic sources are always better than nothing. The celebration of comedy as better than nothing reveals the weakness of contemporary public discourse, but the Cult of Comedy is no solution.


Culture Wars was included in creativetourists’ Top 25 UK Arts & Culture Blogs 2009.