Valentine Rossetti

January 2012

The Master Storyteller

Throughout this collection of interviews, which took place of a series of months, Almodóvar exudes a well balanced streak of eccentricity, coupled with a sense of professionalism that is rooted in formality and devotion to his work. He explains in-depth the many disparate influences which inspired his earliest films, from Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe to the varied iconography of popular culture.

September 2011

Rediscovering forgotten pleasures

‘I see art in its simplest form as the means for refining and exploring human communication. Every language has its limitations and what I try to do in my work, is develop the visual means of intuitively conveying emotional and conceptual content.’

June 2011

A single sensation

With Ford being atavistically fashion conscious, it was perhaps inevitable that his ostentatious influence would engulf the design, and so it does to great effect, though not letting it degenerate into a glossy self-aggrandizing vanity film.


A matter of style

As in all Almodóvar films this world is populated with the beautifully deranged. Emotionally damaged characters dance with the devil and pay the consequences. It tells the story of Lena (Penélope Cruz), a vampish secretary and on-off call girl who is mistress to suave and wealthy businessman Ernesto (José Luis Gómez).

January 2011

From under Tuscan skies

From a conversation on the theme of his book - whether an artistic copy can be as worthy of praise as its original - a most intriguing and evocative tale of intertwining falsehoods and realities unfolds. The narrative, a fable and a comedy, has Shimell and Binoche playing a child-like game of Mr and Mrs.


An intense cloud of emotion

Cardona and Mercado must be credited in particular with conveying, with immense believability, the simple joys of lovers, such as the experience of a warm embrace, a stolen kiss or a touch of the hand, which continues on when Miguel’s Earthly body is no more. Also

December 2010

Literary orienteering

Énard sumptuously evokes the fragile Constantinople in transition, as she slipped from being the spiritual and political hub of the ancient Holy Roman Empire, into the hands of the marauding Islamic conquerors, who were now, under the rule of Sultan Bayezid, moulding and transforming the city in their own idealised image.

October 2010

A Phoenix from the Ashes

With a shift towards aesthetic quality in the art world, is the world of cinema now rekindling its love affair with aesthetics too?

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September 2010

A return to beauty and civility?

In 2010, it is safe to say that a shift is occurring once again, this time, away from the vacuous and the obscene; an ever increasing sense of ‘de nouveau’ is now surging through the citadel of contemporary art.

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